"I closed my eyes and saw a world defined by elegance and simplicity, a world of perfect clothes, a world of female shapes ...my world!"

It sometimes take months or years for a project to emerge and take shape. Sometimes projects materialize right after completing a university or a master’s degree. Other times ideas sprout up during a get-together with friends or former workmates. And yet other times dreams give you a glimpse of an idea that can come true. This last case is precisely that of the young entrepreneur from Talavera, Rosa Gómez-Serranillos, who has conjured up an imaginary world full of fabrics, polka dots, flowers, silks, shapes, cottons, crepes…. That was the spark that brought this worldview to life.

The name of this world is Blancaspina, which originated with the first collection, Amanecer (Dawn). It was conceived for the woman who is feminine, optimistic and a bit coquettish. For a woman who is dreamy and idealistic, like the world conceived by Rosa, yet very much in step with modern times and her surroundings.

It is the creation of hours of dedication and passion choosing fabrics, making drawings, designing patterns, visiting suppliers and workshops, drawing inspiration from everywhere possible and of a period when Rosa has been making herself known to clients, shops, and bloggers who believe in her and have given her a chance. She has also been active in Momad Metrópolis, where she has taken part in several events.

She has been prominent on the Internet as well, Internet shopping being part of today’s world. New collections may be purchased at her online store www.blancaspina.com and at shops throughout Spain where Blancaspina designs are sold.

We welcome you and invite you to join the Blancaspina universe.

And to those of you who are already part of Blancaspina, we thank you for joining.

We are at your entire disposal at info@blancaspina.com and look forward to your suggestions and comments.